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Construction Estimator - Industrial

Atlanta, GA
A growing industrial / manufacturing contractor is expanding their Atlanta office and seeking an experienced estimator.  This opportunity is for an ambitious individual who is self motivated and works well with others.

Industrial estimators work to develop bids or help the company control costs by reviewing the budgets of projects. Estimators take the number of workers involved in a project, necessary supplies, time, cost of transportation and fluctuating market prices into account whenever they are projecting a budget. Industrial estimators also study current projects and products that a company has in play to see if they are making the company a profit or if the company needs to alter its business strategy. Industrial estimators work in industries such as architecture, transportation, aerospace, defense and manufacturing.

Job Duties

Industrial estimators look over plans and visit project sites to evaluate transportation options, drainage, the condition of the land and availability of water and electricity. The estimator forms an idea of what kind of materials the job will require and the amount of money workers will be paid; taxes, insurance and the price of fuel or energy will also need to be factored in. Estimators will evaluate subcontractor bids and judge risks relative to weather, market fluctuations and the labor force. They generate documents to reflect and record their data and conclusions, and may work with a purchasing department to obtain materials and track costs.
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