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Sales Manager - Equipment Installation/Relocation

Atlanta, GA
Installs and relocated equipment on a worldwide basis.  Able to provide wide range of services from riggers and millwrights to electricians in wide range of industries and providing turnkey project management.
Experience required:
Minimum 5-10 years project management/sales experience with Rigging/Millwright company specializing in equipment installation and relocation.  Prefer experience with full turnkey projects handling all aspects including electrical and pipefitting.
Job Description:
Identifying and contacting (via email, phone calls, cold calls, personal contact) potential customers, end users and OEM’s to install and relocate equipment in the North America market.  Will coordinate efforts with inside sales person to find contact persons and assist in scheduling appointments.  Major portion of the contact and setting appointments will be by the installation sales person.
Will work with project managers/estimators on quoting the project and presenting quotes to the customer.  Will have the responsibility to negotiate with the customer on the final price with management approval for low/high end and conditions of the price structure.
Territory will be the North American market with travel required to Mexico, Canada and Germany.
Skills required:
  • Valid passport without restrictions to travel.
  • The ability to grow and develop sales for the installation/relocation department.
  • Able to cold call customers to obtain requests to quote on projects. 
  • Able to base quote projects for size and rough estimate. 
  • Able to work with project managers on estimating projects and presenting to customers.
  • Good written and oral communication skills, with an ability to clearly and concisely articulate to a wide variety and levels of customers.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, multi-tasking environment.
BA/BS in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or equivalent experience.
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