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Wastewater Treatment Project Manager

Atlanta GA, Charlotte NC, Dallas TX, Orlando, Mid-Atlantic, FL

Currently seeking a Project Manager (PM) to manage the project team and all administrative activities of wastewater/water treatment projects to ensure the fulfillment of contractual requirements while meeting the company's safety, budget, and schedule goals. The person in this position will provide direct supervision to the project team or a portion of the team, including the superintendent(s), project engineer(s) office engineer(s), FOMs, and other project staff. The PM will provide timely and constructive feedback or corrective action to ensure that each team member contributes to the success of the project and company. 

Key Responsibilities


o   Establish and implement project buyout and procurement.

o   Approve subcontractor and vendor invoices for payment.   Ensure invoices are properly and promptly submitted and timely payment is received.

o   Review and finalize initial project budgets, identify and mitigate threats to the project’s budget goals.

o   Prepare and submit budget changes.

o   Prepare and submit monthly project progress billings to owner.

o   Manage cash flow, and act as needed to ensure a positive cash flow.

o   Complete and present Monthly Project & Estimate-To-Complete reports.

o   Identify and mitigate items that are threats to the project’s cost.

Business Development

o   Manage the relationship with the owner, architect/engineer, construction manager, and other contractual partners.

o   Assist Business Development team with information as required for proposals; participate in interviews with potential clients.

o   Manage preconstruction process.  Includes coordinating with Estimating Department on preconstruction estimates, obtaining pricing from subcontractors and vendors to assist estimators, developing site logistics and phase plans, developing project schedule, support project permitting process, billing and obtaining Building Permit


o   Ensure all project logs, documents and records are up-to-date and available to all necessary parties.

o   Manage generation and execution of submittal plan, including responsibilities and dates to ensure that the construction activities meet schedule requirements.

o   Manage distribution of information and documents to all members of the project team.

Equipment and Materials

o   Create and execute the equipment usage plan for the project.  Collaborate with superintendents and project managers on other projects to share or transfer equipment, materials and supplies.

Owner Contracts and Change Management

o   Responsible for reviewing, managing, and fully administering the owner contract.

o   Review design drawings and specifications to identify potential issues.

o   Develop the project team’s change management strategy.  Prepare and submit change orders to the owner's contract according to companies procedures and contract requirements.

o   Get owner changes approved monthly, at a minimum.

o   Responsible for getting payment and schedule for any additional scopes performed.


o   Develop a procurement plan, including responsibilities, target dates, and target goals to be met.

o   Review and ensure all company contract requirements are met i.e. P&P Bond, insurance, etc.

o   Ensure that all capable and qualified subcontractors are invited to bid, and procurement requirements are met.

o   Review subcontractor and vendor quotes regarding scope, pricing, and schedule to ensure complete coverage of the work.

o   Create, issue, and achieve execution of Letters of Recommendation.

o   Analyze and negotiate subcontracts, purchase orders, change orders, and subcontract/PO change orders. Award and sign subcontracts, purchase orders, and subcontract/PO change orders.

Project Start up and Closeout

o   Develop, distribute and manage project bid packages.

o   Obtaining permits and licenses from appropriate authorities, as required by contract.

o   Develop, manage and provide key input for developing project Guaranteed Maximum Price.

o   Participate in project turnover meetings. 

o   Create and implement a project execution plan and the project’s close-out plan.

o   Manage all LEED, project start-up and commissioning plans and procedures.


o   Develop a site-specific safety plan with company Safety Department
o.  Develop and execute a quality control plan in accordance with companies Project Quality Control Plan Policy and Procedure.

o   Adhere to the site-specific safety plan, compliance with company safety policies, OSHA and other safety regulations. 

o   Promote safety awareness through effective communication and provide consistent project inspection for possible safety issues to be immediately corrected when identified.

o   Lead/participate in project safety meetings including weekly meetings and safety incident reviews.

o   Maintain accountability of companies safety requirements

o   Track and manage project performance as measured by incident rate and cost/man hour.


o   Identify personnel, material and equipment resources to create the project schedule, ensure project progress is updated at a minimum monthly and accurately and delays are accounted for and incorporated.

o   Manage project progress and schedule.  Identify and mitigate threats to the project’s schedule goals.

o   Manage schedule impacts associated with Change Orders.

o   Lead project progress meetings with clients and architects and notify them of any project delays.

o   Attend LEAN Phase Plan schedule meetings and weekly work plan schedule meetings.

Subcontractors and Vendors

o   Prepare and review subcontracts, purchase orders, change orders, and other commitments in CMiC.

o   Review, Prepare and submit change orders to the subcontractor’s contracts/PO’s according to client’s procedures and contract requirements.

o   Manage sub and vendor changes, notifications.

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